Bird Dog BBQ Dining Experience









Few restaurants can claim fast-food status and yet serve barbecue  that is fit for a four star fine dining establishment.  Bird Dog BBQ restaurant can make this claim.  This restaurant chain started in Arkansas in the early two thousands.  Just recently, the owners of Bird Dog opened up restaurants here in Colorado and not a moment too soon.  The Colorado Spring’s Gazette’s choice for the best barbecue four consecutive years in a row, Bird Dog offers barbecue style dishes comprised of fine meats that are freshly cut in front of customers and the toppings are made from scratch inside the restaurant.  Prices range from pricey fourteen dollar items to five dollar specials much like prices one can find in a regular fast food restaurant, but the quality of the food and service indicates a four star dining restaurant such as Famous Dave’s Barbecue.


The other day, I decided to try out this restaurant.  After finding a location in my trusty phone, I proceeded to the nearest location.  Upon entering the restaurant, I was simply astounded by the spacious, warehouse layout of the interior.  The restaurant’s interior was comprised of metal walls, and a high ceiling with exposed beams.  The overall design of the establishment resembled a post modernism theme.  The over powering aroma of cooking meats quickly filled my nostrils, threatening to put me into a food fueled feeding frenzy.  In the background French fries and fresh okra could be heard sizzling in the fryer.  My mouth began to water uncontrollably.  On the wall next to the register is the menu listing the different meats and side dishes.  Bird Dog offers the best barbecue fast-food meals at affordable prices.  Patrons can choose from a number of platters and daily specials, including beef brisket, pulled pork, cooked sausage, and many other dishes.  One of the most popular deals offered by Bird Dog is the daily special.  These specials consist of one entrée, a side dish, and a small drink.  Customers can choose different side dishes such as baked beans, French fries, and fried okra, just to name a few.  These meals are reasonably priced and are always hot.  On this particular day, the daily special was beef brisket.  After placing my order, I sit in one of the booths and wait for my meal to arrive.  Bird Dog provides a variety of barbecue sauces.  The barbecue sauce at Bird Dog’s is made from scratch and come in a variety of hot levels, starting with mild, hot, extra hot, and Wasabi sauce.  These are a main staple of Bird Dogs and should be used with every meal. 


In addition to sit-down dining, Bird Dog offers catering services for parties and social gatherings.  The prices are reasonable and meals are planned in five person group increments.  Whether you choose catering or the restaurant option, Bird Dog aims to please.  The food is excellent, and the service is first class.  I will definitely pay a visit to Bird Dog in the near future to try out other exciting dishes the restaurant chain has to offer.  If you are looking for excellent barbecue but don’t want to pay the extra money that normal  establishments charge, then Bird Dog BBQ is for you.

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